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A little story about me.

I am Dante Brinoccoli. I am a self taught web designer, developer and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles California. I recently graduated from the University of California, Riverside majoring in Business Managerial Economics, in the process of branching out and developing more computer programming skills to feed my entrepreneur goals. My passion is to use the technology provided to gear towards future development in information technologies. The languages I am most familiar with are HTMl, CSS, JS, Python, Java, Flutter/Dart and Angular

“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.” Robert L. Peters








  • Pasadena City College

    2012 - 2015

    Business Managerial Economics GPA: 3.6

  • FullStack Developer at Zigr

    2017 - 2018

    I was responsible for the front-end and back-end for all websites and mobile apps Zigr has published. I developed unique web interface using WebGL and Three.js. I Drove SEO production by incorporating Google Ads and web backlinks. Used Xcode and Swift as well as Android Studio Pro to build and deploy mobile apps such as "Freelance Mua's".

  • University of California Riverside

    2015 - 2017

    Major: Business Managerial Economics BA Degree GPA: 3.3

  • Co-Founder of HVN Media Records

    2018 - Present

    HVN Media Records is a company that me and my best friend Lawrence built. HVN is a company that is responible for developing website and mobile app, developing/maintaining Social Media accounts, and mixing/mastering musical artist tracks. We establish the finest websites using very unique interfaces with PIXI.js. Our mobile apps are developed with the latest languages i.e. Flutter/Dart. We have a rapport of pleased clients and artists. Feel free to contact us if you are ever interested in any of our services!


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